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Your Next Tattoo Design and the Story Behind It

Whether you already have a tattoo or you are now planning to get your first one, you probably already know that each tattoo has a story. It could be a story of a life changing moment – like your first son being born, or a tragic moment of losing a loved one.
But it doesn’t have to be the story of a life changing moment. It could be a fun reminder of a spontaneous moment in your life. There is also the story of tattoo designs that were done “under the influence”, which some live to regret. Mixing alcohol with your tattoo design is never a good idea, and for many reasons.

It’s obvious then, that choosing a great tattoo design takes time and a little thought.
So, how can you make sure that the story behind your tattoo is a good one? First, the obvious: don’t tattoo names or faces of boyfriends or girlfriends. More often than not, you will want the tattoo gone if the relationship ends, which will just add more pain to an already painful situation. And future spouses probably won’t appreciate it either.
Second, don’t tattoo after you’ve been drinking, even if you have already chosen your design. Not only can it damage the look of your tattoo, but you can never be entirely sure what will end up happening if you are not completely sober and in control.
Aside from that, if you want to have a tattoo that reminds you of a place you went to, an experience you had, a trait of character you want to externalize or a relationship with a loved one (remember the boyfriend/girlfriend rule), then there’s your story.
Then, there is one last question to answer, and that is “how public do you want to make your tattoo story?” If you mind people asking you are is the meaning of your tattoo, and rather not answer everyone’s questions, you can either place the tattoo where not everyone will see, or use foreign languages that people around you cannot read.
Your tattoo story is a big part of your tattoo, so taking time to make it a good one is a really good investment of your time. The best way to come up with your next tattoo project idea, is by looking at other people’s tattoos and tattoo designs. Tattooholic’s design collection provides you with amazing ideas for all tattoo designs. Visit Tattooholic to learn more.

November 9, 2017
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