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Where to Choose the Ultimate Tattoo Design: At Home or in the Parlor

Getting a new tattoo is an exciting experience, as long as you don’t get pressured into picking your design. So what are the pros and cons of choosing your next tattoo design at home, or going to the parlor and doing it there? For one, the range. Any tattoo parlor you walk into will greet you with eye-catching, colorful tattoo designs. But keep in mind that the internet will always feature a greater range, and the work of many tattoo artists, so your options are much greater when you are choosing your tattoo at home.

The second con to choosing at your tattoo parlor is time constraints. Even if you walk into your tattoo parlor an hour before your appointment time, you will not necessarily be able to zero in on a tattoo design that is exactly what you want, and you might end up choosing simply because you ran out of time. It can be very difficult to select from the many tattoo designs that your tattoo parlor has, or realize that you cannot find any design that you really love and cancel the appointment.

The third thing to consider is what you already know. Do you know where you would like your tattoo? Do you know if you want a word or a phrase, or an elaborate, colorful design? The more you know up front, the easier it will be when you go to your tattoo parlor.
So how should you choose your next tattoo design? The answer is simple. Leave little to be decided in the parlor. First, pick out the theme of your tattoo. Whether you know you want an eagle or a fairy, this will save you a lot of time looking at designs that are not relevant. Then, print out a couple of designs that you like. Bring them to your tattoo artist. Ask him what he suggests. You can get ideas about color compositions or a simple change to the design that will make it personal. Looking for ideas and inspiration for your next tattoo? Tattooholic’s design gallery offers 1000s of popular and unique designs to choose from.

November 9, 2017
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